President of Thoughtful China/Executive Vice President of Thoughtful Media Group

Timothy Kwok is one of China’s leading digital marketing professionals with extensive local and global experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics as well as degrees in computing and information science from Queen’s University in Canada.

 Timothy joined Thoughtful China in 2011 and serves as both the President of Thoughtful China as well as an Executive Vice President on Thoughtful Media Group’s global team. Timothy focuses on the company’s business in greater China and provides support for Thoughtful’s other operations in emerging markets beyond China. He has successfully positioned Thoughtful China to be the most innovative thought leader in the marketing services industry. Under his leadership, Thoughtful China has helped guide the online video industry from being a purely content licensing space to a considerably more robust User-Generated-Content environment. Thoughtful China is now the biggest Multi-Channel Network in China with over 700 million views per months.

 Prior to TMG, Timothy worked in diverse media markets such as the U.S., Hong Kong, India. He has handled digital marketing for advertisers such as Agriculture Bank of China, China Eastern Airlines, Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business Review, Jin Jiang International Hotels, KFC, Phillips Lighting, and Lucent Technologies.

 Timothy is an active member of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He also serves as a commissioner of the Anti-Spam Committee of Internet Society of China (ASISC).