Laure de Carayon: “Chinese customers are modernizing but not westernizing”

02/28/2018 – Intrigued by China’s rapid innovation rhythm and unique digital development path, Laure de Carayon, a marketing and communication expert by profession, launched the China Connect Forum in Paris in 2011, in order to present the ancient empire’s digital and consumer trends to the Western world. The 8th edition, gathering over 600 business executives and other high-level participants, will be held in Paris on March 7th and 8th.

Leaders League: China Connect held its first Shanghai edition last year. Why did you choose to go to China?

Laure de Carayon: To get even closer to the Chinese business community, who I see regularly when I travel over there, to strengthen our community of pure-players and to understand them better, and to help promote everything about Western brands that is relevant to a Chinese audience, like social media, e-commerce and data. Also because I was convinced that there was an opportunity to give Chinese players access to Western players – those Europeans and Americans already working over there in digital, marketing and brands…


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