InTheirOwnWords – Sept 11, 2014

« About 10% of searches now are done using voice recognition technology. Within five years, voice and image recognition will account for about half»
Robin Li, CEO of Baidu at Baidu’s annual developers conference last week

By far the biggest factor driving App Store revenues in China is WeChat”
Ben Thompson, Stratechery

As tools like WeChat have grown internationally, marketers will have to consider how these Chinese services may have a global impact on marketing strategy, how those digital advances in China may disrupt traditional marketing approaches around the world as well”
SY Lau, President Tencent Online Media Group

There is no real online-to-offline platform in China, so everyone has the same chance”
Wang Jianlin, CEO of Wanda E-Commerce (New JV along with Baidu and Tencent)

Now consumers here have more confidence to buy what they like, rather than what they think they should buy – and to step away from the group mentality and this obsession with luxury. They are better traveled and less susceptible to peer pressure»
Stephanie Robertson, CEO Greater China of Victorinox



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