Fei Wang On Marketing To China’s Maturing Consumers

May 9, 2012

Fei Wang spoke at China Connect in March and introduced those interesting facts and insights. Enjoy this interview from Jing Daily

China-born and London-based designer Fei Wang has made it her mission to address a common frustration among Asian women: finding luxury sunglasses that fit properly. In late 2007, Wang created her own label, Fei Wang Sunglasses, and has since sold her hand-made, European-manufactured sunglasses online and in boutiques in London and Japan. This week, Jing Daily spoke to Wang about her upcoming expansion plans and the developing potential she sees among Chinese consumers.

Jing Daily (JD): First, can you tell us a little about yourself and your business, in terms of how you first became interested in eyewear design and sunglasses?

Fei Wang (FW): I’ve been interested in eyewear since I was little. I was always wearing glasses, since I was short-sighted. My dad wears glasses, all of my family are four-eyes…so I’ve always been interested in eyewear. What made me start doing what I do is because being [Asian], I can’t find glasses, especially good-styled glasses that actually fit our facial features. We normally have high cheekbones and low nose-bridges and the distance between the temple is slightly different than Caucasians. So it’s been my own frustration of not being able to find anything that fits me and also, design-wise, never being able to find anything I really like.

I used to complain to people, why can’t I find things, then I thought I’d do it myself. So when it started, I actually looked for somebody who could make me bespoke glasses, and it took me a little while to find a manufacturer and do the design. It came out really well so I thought, “I can share this with other people.” That’s how the business came about, really.

JD: What year was that, that you really started [Fei Wang]?

FW: The business started around 2007. It took me around a year to find the right manufacturer and get the design done, so the business actually started late 2007.

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