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rené_aubertin 184x220René Aubertin, CEO HAIER Europe

Senior Vice President at Kesa Electricals (Europe’s third largest electrical retailing group) since 2001, René Aubertin was appointed CEO of Haier Europe in April 2010. As the first and only European to be responsible for the overall management of Haier’s European subsidiary, René Aubertin will also take his place as one of Haier’s seven global Vice Presidents.

After graduating in Marketing from Lyon Management School (E.M. Lyon) in 1974, René Aubertin began his career as a buyer for food retailer before joining Darty, where he remained until the year 2000. While with the company, he moved up through the ranks from Commercial Director (brown goods, computing and communication), to Sales Manager for Darty Stores and then Commercial Director for Darty (across all product ranges).
In 2001, René Aubertin also held the position of COO for Promarkt, a German retailer within the Kingfisher Group – he was responsible for 85 stores.

René Aubertin was born in 1951, he’s married and has two children.