James BAY

James leaped from the tiny island of Singapore into the world of eCommerce during it’s infancy (the era), conceptualizing & building eCommerce sites from the late 90s, before moving into the world of advertising creative.

A 20-year digital veteran who wasn’t satisfied with just creating interactive advertising campaigns, for James, advertising had one purpose, driving business results.

Approaching solutions from both left & right brain (AKA marrying strategic business thinking with innovative creative ideas), resulted in a perfect fit for the unique Chinese landscape, where eCommerce is so much more than just an online sales channel.

In his seven years in China, James had launched the commerce presence for a portfolio of top global brands like Nike, Converse, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder Companies, Wyeth, Fendi, Johnson & Johnson & Bacardi. Many of which are regarded as the best in class within their category on Alibaba’s Tmall.