LouisLouis Houdart is the founder and managing Partner from CREATIVE CAPITAL CHINA. Before coming to Asia in 2000, he studied and worked in London, Barcelona, Singapore and New York. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a Master Degree in branding from the prestigious Italian school SDA Bocconi. He is originally from France, Paris.

Mr Houdart is not only a talented creative entrepreneur, he has also a true retail expertise have created, owned, built and sold a leading flower chain in China.

Now, CREATIVE CAPITAL CHINA has grown into one of the leading independent branding agency in China with offices in Shanghai, Paris, Shenzhen and New York. Its unique methodology is based on systematic and creative story-feeling approach. The company works with both prestigious international clients such as LVMH group, L’Oreal group, as well as leading Chinese brands, such as Aimer, Mark Fairwhale, Good Baby or Afu.

Houdart is also a regular guest speaker at a handful of prestigious design fairs and universities and seats of the board of different companies.

Mr Houdart speaks fluent Chinese, English and French, and is conversational in Spanish and Italian.