Facts&Figures – Nov 13, 2014

  • 2%, the Amazon share of the Chinese Ecommerce market (5th position)
  • $320 and below, the China-based mobile phone brands price representing 80% market share
  • 94% of airports in China will have implemented real-time notification via social media and mobile by the end of 2017
  • 70% of Estee Lauder’s online sales are from cities where there’s no distribution yet
  • 6 Millions spectators have seen Luc Besson’s “LUCY” on 6 000 screens across China
  • 100,000 rural services stations, 1000 county-level operating centres to be built within the next 3 to 5 years to by Alibaba (eyeing China’s large 1Billion rural population)
  • 84.6%, the rural mobile internet penetration rate, 5% higher than urban residents
  • +16,5% Retail sales of cosmetics during Jan-Oct 2014, equalling $17,3B
  • 18% of the country’s retail sales should be via e-commerce in 2018, up from 8% in 2013,
  • 500,000 Chinese families already use the Kids Guard watch that allows parents to track their kids on their mobile phones.
  • 180 billion yuan (US$29.44 billion), the scale of China’s rural online shopping market that will be reach in 2014, and likely will grow to 460 billion yuan (US$75.24 billon) in 2016, according to Alibaba’s research
  • 59%, the Mobile e-commerce in China expected to post annual growth between 2013 and 2017, to reach about 1 trillion yuan ($164 billion), accounting for about 24% of online shopping, according to iResearch, a Shanghai-based Internet consultant
  • 58%, assume they will be buying Chinese branded products within three years


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