Time To Engage with Chinese Consumers

China Connect is the one and only opportunity, to connect and be up to date with the hottest challenges and opportunities for brands, in today’s Chinese marketing and internet businesses. A market of 457 million web users and 857 million mobile phone users.

Some of best experts from China and Europe among them: David Liu, CEO of Jiepang, Seth Grossman, Managing Director of Carat China, Sam Flemming, Founder&Chairman of CIC data China, Linda Tan, Consumer Insights Director Worldwide Zenith Optimedia UK … –  will bring insights on Chinese consumers, highlight dos and don’ts to build and develop a brand in China, show the explosion and complexity of Chinese social media, introduce some of the most remarkable campaigns and best practices, addressing the world’s most digitally powered consumers, modernizing, but not westernizing.

«Time to engage with Chinese consumers» is China Connect first edition theme. It will be tackled through 3 realities of Chinese society: a growing disposable income, a fragmented market, and a hugely fragmented media landscape.

China Connect will provide attendees with the latest inspiring thinking and hot topics, and in depth returns on experience to help you develop a more efficient marketing and internet strategy.

For marketing, medias and communication professionnals, in the service, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), entertainment, luxury, medias industries, already doing, or planning to do business in China, China Connect is the must-attend event of the year.

Welcome to China Connect 2011 !

You Are
-Head of: Marketing, Communication, Media, Digital, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Strategic Planning, Research and strategy consultants
-Head of: Content, Programmes, Productions, Publishing
-Social networks, Online Video Sites, E-retailers, Luxury professionnals

Why You Should come

-to connect with singular consumers insights

-to learn and understand the key on/off drivers for sales, brand building and individuals’ engagement

-to connect with China internet and marketing key players, some of the most sought-after professionnals


Sincerely Yours,

Laure de Carayon

Founder of China Connect


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