2016: Mobile Advertising is an Unstoppable Wave in China


In 2015, iPinYou completed a RMB 500 million (US$78 million) round of pre-IPO funding, generating an enthusiastic response from domestic Chinese investors despite widespread concerns of an economic slowdown and a jittery stock market. China’s largest DSP programmatic-buying platform plans to launch its IPO later in 2016.

Mobile adverting in China will take off even more dramatically in 2016 and cross mobile-PC advertising will become truly powerful, predicts iPinYou’s CEO and co-founder Grace Huang – and her company is well positioned to ride the wave.  “The market in China has a very close fit to the business model iPinYou presents,” Grace says. “Our market share and position are much easily perceived in China than in the US. As US and European investors are not living in China they find it hard to understand how this market is different from the market in the US and Europe.”


Digital Ad Spending in China

Understanding a huge potential for growth in Chinese market, iPinYou has ambitious goals for cross-broader markets as the company just expanded its international operation early this year. The new team based in US and later establish in Europe and South East APAC targets both international brands trying to get a foothold in China and Chinese brands going overseas.

As the leading company in the industry, iPinYou holds 60% of brand programmatic buy market in China in 2015. With the increasing presence of DSP, Grace expressed her steadfast confidence that the iPinYou DSP has the chops to outperform Google in terms of “connecting to local inventories” and reaching consumers in China. The company believes its better understanding of the China market as well as its solid data solutions can provide a higher level of services to brands.


Market Share

Want to learn more about iPinYou and their DSP? Or what is their strategy in mobile adverting in China? You will learn more in April at China Connect.


Grace Huang  CEO of iPinYou




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